ASOS Black Friday Winter warmers

Yes, I’m back again! Has it really been five months since my last blog post?? It would seem life and children definitely took over for a while, but things seem a bit more routine-y now (she says holding her breath) and it feels good to start blogging again.

So….it only seemed fitting that I start again with a few Black Friday purchases!

I’d been thinking recently about the most hard-working and useful items in my Winter wardrobe – coats and jackets are definitely up there as number one. But Winter accessories are also important, as they can instantly change the look of an outfit without much effort, especially if you’re a mum and spend most of your time out and about in the cold!

As I’m sure you know, ASOS had 20% of everything over the weekend – and carrying on to today! (use code GOGOGO) They are always my go-to online shop for a wide selection of scarves and, hats and gloves. As I have been building up a fair few colourful and ‘statement’ jackets for Winter in my wardrobe, I was looking for a neutral coloured scarf, and one that would keep me nice and cosy.

Here are some of my favourites:







In the end this was the one I went for:



I love ‘Pieces’ from ASOS (I think they are stocked in a few other online shops as well), not too pricey at all and really good quality. I also wanted a thick scarf with a little bit of colour, and this one was a lovely Christmas tree green! I think both scarves will look great with a brightly coloured jumper and leather jacket.



I did also spy this other one in a gorgeous bright khaki colour:



The material is lovely and soft and not at all itchy.

Now onto hats – having short hair makes this one a little bit tricky, as there’s always the chance I may end up looking slightly odd with all my hair hidden underneath.

I saw this beanie hat featured on one of the YouTube fashion bloggers I follow (The Anna Edit) It’s lovely and simple, a gorgeous light grey colour, and so soft as it’s a cashmere-mix. It’s a little bit more expensive than a lot of the other hats in similar styles, but it’s perfect and a great colour for going with anything (especially my new scarf purchases!).



Unfortunately they seem to be out of stock on this one now, however they also have it in camel and burgundy if the darker colours are more your thing. Hope you all manage to bag some investment Black Friday/Cyber Monday pieces!

I wore the grey hat and scarf today with my parka jacket, and even up on the hills I was still lovely and warm (please excuse the tired Monday look!).


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