ASOS summer sandals and jeans

So, onto my latest ASOS sale finds…needless to say I didn’t wear this outfit today, as it would have resulted in a pair of pretty wet feet. I’ve had a pair of black Birkenstocks on my ASOS wishlist for a while now – they just look so comfy and easy to slip on and off. The price does put me off though so I was on the lookout for a similar pair but on the cheaper side.


I came across these lovely sandals while I was browsing the ASOS sale. I love that they are just a little bit different with the metal detailing. There was really no reason for me not to grab them at only £12!

Park Lane metal chunky flat sandals//£12


In a bid to stay away from my normal skinny jeans which have slowly began to overtake my wardrobe over the past few years, I spied this pair of patchwork girlfriend jeans. I’m not sure why this style has been labelled ‘girlfriend’, but I would say they are probably a nice compromise between slim/skinny and boyfriend jeans.


Pull & Bear Patchwork slim girlfriend jeans//£18


I styled the sandals and jeans the other day with an old Primark tee:


So it’s been a pretty miserable day today, but we made it through with copious amounts of Disney and cake eating! The boy does love Mary Poppins (to an almost obsessive level where he goes to bed singing ‘A spoonful of sugar’ every night!)

Oh, and selfies with the boy are always a good time waster when stuck indoors. Wore my new Primark stripy tee today…a little preview of it below. Blog post coming soon on this lovely little item and a couple more Primark purchases.


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