A new pixie cut

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Ever since I had my hair hacked off 18 months ago (just before I had the little man….low maintenance hair and all that), I’ve found it increasingly hard to grow it out. It’s not that I don’t want to have it longer for a change, it’s just I really don’t think I have the patience. It gets to that annoying in-between stage, where it’s pretty thick and untameable, but too short to tie back.

And I have to admit, I do love it short. The biggest benefit being able to just roll out of bed, ruffle through a quick dollop of styling wax, and that’s my hair set for the day!

When we lived in Yorkshire, we went to the Mark Hill salon in Kirk Ella. It’s the only Mark Hill salon in the country, and although it may be London prices in the northern realm, they always do an amazing job, and it’s pretty much the only place I would go to for a radical change. It was there that I first had my hair pixie-fied, and as I was in dire need of a fresh cut this time, I managed to tie in a hair appointment with visiting family in Yorkshire. The salon is pretty hidden away, and there isn’t actually an official salon website (otherwise I would link to it here!), but it’s one of East Yorkshires best kept secrets….

Mark Hill

mark hill

Beforehair before

The results!

PIxie cut


They also used a dab of this gorgeous smelling stuff to make my hair look slightly ‘undone’:

Mark Hill Flirty Fix Texturizing Polish – £5.99 (Boots)

Mark Hill range

So in conclusion, I LOVE my new hair cut! Roll on Christmas 2014 with the family so I can indulge my hair again!


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